Each person sees an average of 4,000 marketing messages a day!  You must break through the clutter!  Every business has competition and there is almost always going to be a competitor that is bigger, better, or cheaper.  At Emshy we want to become your business partner – not just a marketing/technical support company.

Awesome Marketiing

Marketing has changed from the old traditional way of advertising in newspapers and magazines. In todays world small businesses have to be their own publishers and talk directly to their customers.

Digital solutions

Our team has developed many software platforms that are solutions to your digital marketing needs.


An integrated digital strategy will give you a foundation for all the key online marketing activities we recommend.


Web Development

Getting yourself on the 1st page of Google is only half the story.   You have to have sticky content and great design that keeps visitors on your site.

Your website should have content that connects everything your business does and details solutions you can provide. We offer complete website development solutions including ecommerce shopping cart and hosting on our dedicated servers.

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24/7 Tech Support

At Emshy our inbound help desk services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

tech support
search rankings


Your competition further then 20 miles from you should never be above you in a Google search. Google’s algorithm takes into account more than 200 separate signals before it ranks a website and they change the weight of these signals all the time.

We will help you get to the top naturally by optimizing your html code that emulates the best and most liked by Google. We also help you build Authority with mentions across the web (link signatures) or citations.

social media management

Social Media

TRUST. People are more likely to buy from strangers when they feel a connection. These similarities do not have to be deep. 75% of people use Facebook every day. They may want to see you are using Facebook and actively posting showing you understand and are customer service oriented.

Most companies can’t be amazing on every platform. Just pick one or two and be awesome! We use powerful methods that influence people to read your postings.

reputation software

Reputation Software

Ranking Trust is powerful reputation software that monitors and improves your reviews across all social media platforms.

sms text broadcast

SMS Software

Powerful text broadcast software platform to send announcements, coupons, appointments and more.

live chat

Live Chat

Use our Live Chat Software to interact in real-time with every visitor to your website. Turn your web prospects/suspects/visitors into real customers.  Increase sales and conversions from your existing website traffic.
Enhance your company’s credibility!
Address customer service issues quickly!
Reduce shopping cart abandonment on your e-commerce websites!
Show you care about your customer’s business!

Streaming Video Chat

Live Video Chat

Powerful video chat platform so you can broadcast live streaming video over your website.

Engage your website’s visitors with live streaming video from your phone anyplace you are!

software development

APP Development

Our team has developed many commercial programs and software platforms including: LiveTextTalk, APPCart, PrivateVideoConferencing, WebsiteVisitorBehavior, RankingTurst, VideoChatCenter and SMSChatCenter.



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